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    Opening a company in Serbia

    Opening a company in Serbia

    Why Serbia?

    Russian entrepreneurs are increasingly thinking about maintaining and developing their business, looking for opportunities to conduct transit and banking operations abroad in the current economic and political situation. In addition to the overall economic growth and improvement of the business climate in Serbia, the banking sector has developed significantly and continues to improve due to many transformations and reforms. It is in Serbia that banks have one of the simplest procedures for opening accounts and require a small number of documents. Serbia is a great option for solving your business problems.

    • The ability to open an account in any currency
    • Stable and universal banking system
    • Entering the European market and interacting with companies in the USA
    • Low taxes compared to Europe
    • Clear and stable legal solutions for transit and banking operations
    • Quick receipt of a residence permits when a company is opened
    • A friendly country for Russia


    The lowest tax rate in Europe

    The corporate tax rate is 15%, the tax on dividends is 15%

    Avoidance of double taxation

    The Republic of Serbia signed more than 60 double taxation treaties

    Tax on income received in Serbia

    Non-residents are taxed only on income earned in Serbia

    Compliance with international standards

    The country complies with international accounting standards

    Our advantages

    • We know the peculiarities of the foreign market
    • We have knowledge in the field of double taxation avoidance
    • We are experts in the field of personal taxes for foreign citizens
    • We provide comprehensive Serbian-Russian language support
    • A representative of the company works on the territory of Serbia who promptly receives all correspondence on the spot and interacts with local services
    • All communications take place in a “one-stop shop” type, you do not need to look for a responsible person

    Accounting services

    • Bookkeeping
    • Calculation of taxes and other mandatory payments
    • Maintaining personalized employee records
    • Tax reporting

    Legal services

    • Selection of the business form
    • Registration of companies (legal entities or individuals)
    • Providing a legal address

    Financial services

    • Development of a financial model
    • Opening a corporate account

    Administrative services

    • Search for premises for office, warehouse, production
    • Office space rental
    • Representative services

    Price list


    Accounting support
    Expert advice
    Representative services
    Office rent
    Opening a corporate account
    Development of financial model
    Company registration


    from 100€ per month
    200€ per month
    1000 for 6 months
    from 500€


    monthly service
    one-time service
    monthly service
    monthly service
    from 5 days
    one-time service
    5-7 working days

    Additional conditions

    The bank's commission is additionally paid
    The bank's commission is additionally paid
    The bank's commission is additionally paid
    The bank's commission is additionally paid
    The bank's commission is additionally paid
    The bank's commission is additionally paid
    Additional tax is paid in APR


    Does a Russian citizen need a visa to visit Serbia?
    In Serbia, there is a visa-free regime for Russians to visit for a period of no more than 30 days. For further stay, it is necessary to issue a residence permit. Our experts will advise you and select the best option taking into account your goals and objectives.
    What taxes does business pay in Serbia?
    The main taxes for entrepreneurs operating in Serbia are income tax (15%) and dividends (15%). VAT is 20%, taxes and payroll fees are about 62% of the net salary.
    Why do companies choose Serbia as a location for business?
    Firstly, a close mentality and loyal attitude to Russian citizens. Secondly, it is quite easy and relatively inexpensive to register a company. Another advantage is the service in banks that work without restrictions with both the Russian Federation and the EU countries.

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