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    Digital advocacy

    Assistance in the management and legal protection of intellectual property

    The Internet and information technology have long become a part of our lives, every day giving their users more and more opportunities.  At the same time, plagiarism, theft of ideas, the spread of information discrediting dignity and business reputation became very common.  Increasingly, the balance between the freedom of dissemination of information and the protection of private interests is being violated.

     Today, issues of cybersecurity, protection of personal data and information ethics are becoming extremely relevant for both business and individuals.  Due to the rapid development of technologies, the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds are erased, which greatly complicates the task of managing the risk of violating data privacy and counteracting information damaging the reputation.

     FINCOM group provides customers with comprehensive assistance in the management of intellectual property and their legal protection.  The lawyers of our company are ready to provide legal services on all issues related to the acquisition, disposal and protection of intellectual property rights, as well as solve the problems that users, website owners, and IT businesses face:

    • Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation on the Internet
    • The right to oblivion, removal of links from search engines
    • The right to image on the Internet, deletion of information from the Internet
    • Unlock websites
    • Domain disputes
    • Legal audit of sites
    • Legal support of Internet projects

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