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    Business support

    Unique cost-effective and comprehensive solutions

    Arbitrage practice

    Financial tools tailoed to meet your needs

    Anti-crisis solutions

    Insights and strategy to move business foward

    International practice

    High-quality legal expertise and support



    If you have a request for any other legal issue, you have at your disposal a staff of specialists from various fields who can cope with any task.

    • • A fresh approach for each client.
    • • Highly personalized bundled services.
    • • One place to go for your business needs.
    • • Complete transparency and professionalism.
    • • Best business solutions to complex problems.
    • • Multidisciplinary approach and global mindset.
    • • A unique combination of news sets and experience.

    Modern technology

    Fincom has taken care of the continuous system of training and professional development of our specialists. Your business will be served according to the most modern standards - which means high efficiency in the absence of additional investments on your part.

    • • Operating insights that help achieve.
    • • Clear and simple strategies for business needs.
    • • Wide range of opportunities for various business needs.
    • • A cross-functional effort to provide assistance on different fields.
    • • Practical and focused business development experience.
    • • Research-driven methodology to take advantage of best practices.
    • • Added value from linking corporate, marketing and financial strategies.

    Universal solutions

    Reasonable and actionable recommendations in order to solve complex issues and capitalize on opportunities to grow.

    • • Strategic planning.
    • • Investment consulting.
    • • Corporate restructuring.
    • • Operations management.
    • • Organizational development.
    • • Marketing plan implementation.
    • • Financial management control and processing.

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