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    Tax optimization

    We select a set of measures to effectively minimize the tax burden

    Tax optimization is a set of methods and approaches to effective planning (minimization) of taxes transferred to the budget. Tax optimization is the reduction of the amount of tax liabilities through the implementation of legal actions, including the use of all the benefits provided by applicable law, tax remission and other methods to reduce the tax burden within the limits of legislation.

    Its goal is to reduce the amount of all tax payments which the taxpayer has relevant duties, minimize penalties from the tax authorities, and also reduce tax risks This is by no means an evasion of taxes or not fulfilling legal obligations to pay taxes and fees. Tax evasion schemes are illegal and easily detected by tax authorities so that tax risks only increase if they are used.

    Often, taxpayers who perform according to a legal scheme are brought to tax liability as a result of additional taxes and penalties. The reason for this is the incorrect conduct and execution of their activities, legal errors in the content of contracts, etc. This is due to tax legislation of the Russian Federation is extremely controversial. The position of the tax authorities is constantly changing. Explanations of different authorities or department for the same period may contradict each other, as well as the prevailing court practice.

    However, our specialists have extensive actual experience in this area and, on its basis, have an understanding of how such issues can be resolved.

    FINCOM group using its various resources, effectively and reliably minimizes tax risks of its customers’ business.

    FINCOM group conducts an audit not only in relation of tax obligations, when developing a scheme of tax optimization for its customers. Our experts will take into account all other aspects, including contractual obligations and other nuances.

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