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    Liquidation of legal entities

    Competent liquidation of a legal entity without consequences

    Liquidation involves the dissolution of a company and its exclusion from the unified register. This is a fairly complex procedure that requires meticulous approach and knowledge of current legal standards. It implies a cessation of activity, removal from the register of legal entities (EGRUL), removal from accounting in tax authority, no claims, mainly of a financial nature with third parties and so on — the totality of all these conditions are necessary for the liquidation of the company. Stop activities of the company can cause a number of difficulties associated with risks and unwanted consequences in the form of prosecution of founders of firm. During independent closing company, the entrepreneur can not take into account all the nuances — the practice shows that often the period of liquidation be delayed quite a long time, which can lead to significant financial losses.

    Experts FINCOM group take full responsibility in the process of liquidation of legal entity and complete all the necessary procedures in the shortest possible time. We will consider all nuances, to avoid unfortunate mistakes that can cause problems for the customer, and will select the most optimal for a particular case, the method of liquidation of a legal entity. Our company has a staff of experienced lawyers specializing in this narrow field. Relevant knowledge, constant practice, the ability to look at the situation from a different angle allow to find optimal solutions to the most complex and intricate situations.

    Our experts will accompany all the stages of liquidation of legal entity, including preparation of documents, publications, preparation of interim and liquidation balance.

    Services for liquidation of a legal entity include:

    • preparation of necessary documents,
    • power of attorney at the notary,
    • pay the necessary fees,
    • submission of documents to the tax office
    • receive document confirming liquidation.

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