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Liquidation of legal entities

Competent liquidation of a legal entity without consequences

FINCOM group experts can take over full responsibility over the process of liquidation of a legal entity and complete all the legal formalities within the shortest time possible. We will think ahead about each nuance in order to avoid unfortunate slips that can cause trouble for our clients. Our team consists of experienced lawyers who specialize in this narrow area of law. Their up-to-date knowledge, constant practice, and ability to look at a situation from a different perspective allow them to find the best possible solutions to the most challenging and confusing situations.

All stages of liquidation of a legal entity including preparation of documents, publishing a notice of liquidation, drawing up interim and final balance sheets will be supervised by our experts.

Services associated with liquidation of a legal entity include drafting necessary documents, issuing a notarized power of attorney, paying the necessary charges, submitting the documents to a tax office, and obtaining a document confirming the liquidation.

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