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    Protection of Management and Shareholders During Bankruptcy

    We find the optimal balance of interests of company representatives and other participants in the procedure

    Bankruptcy is a complex and responsible procedure in which the interests of the debtor and creditors collide.  A successfully completed procedure for recognizing financial insolvency allows one to achieve liquidation of debts, extension of the term for payment of monetary obligations, getting rid of doubtful debts and even to avoid criminal prosecution, which may occur if creditors prove intentional evasion of debt obligations.  At the same time, it has a large number of pitfalls, ignorance of which could turn into a real catastrophe for the management and owners of the enterprise.

     The team of experienced professionals of our company is able to identify the optimal range of measures necessary to ensure the rights and legitimate interests of management and business owners during the bankruptcy procedure, and to find opportunities for their implementation.  We have a wide range of tools to minimize losses even in the most difficult situations, as well as to counter attacks on the rights of representatives of the organization.

     The constant practice of specialists allows us to quickly and efficiently analyze a variety of situations and see opportunities for solving complex problems, even where at first glance there is no way out.

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