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    Business acquisition support

    An objective comprehensive analysis of the investment attractiveness of a business

    Due Diligence is an examination aiming to make objective picture of an investee, which includes an assessment of investment risks, an independent assessment of the investee, a comprehensive study of the company and its financial condition on the market. It is usually carried out before buying a business, carrying out a merger transaction, signing a contract or starting cooperation with the company. An investor, that is, one who is going to buy or invest money in a particular company, is interested in implementing Due Diligence. When making a transaction, it is important to have comprehensive information about the object of financing, its real value and possible legal and tax consequences. The overall goal is to reduce existing business risks or completely avoid them, including the risk of acquiring a block of shares at inflated prices, defaults, loss of money or property.

    To carry out Due Diligence three groups of specialists are involved in FINCOM group: financial analysts, auditors and lawyers. Also, any other experts may be invited to the working group. As a result of our work, you will receive an objective comprehensive analysis of the economic, financial and legal activities of the target business, including staff capacity.

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