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    International corporate development

    World best practices for quick adaptation in the legal and fiscal environment

    Today, in the era of globalization and increasing complexity of the international legal and economic structures, it is important to have a reliable and experienced partner who can help with corporate development. One of the key factors of success for modern businesses is the understanding and ability to implement the practice of international corporate governance that adheres to leading international corporations, the ability to adapt to a constantly changing regulatory and economic environment. It should be remembered that the theory and practice of international corporate governance advanced companies in the world is developing dynamically and transformered. That is why businesses that strive to maintain competitiveness on the world stage, so it is important to implement international experience in the practice of development in accordance with existing socio-economic conditions.

    FINCOM group is a company with experience in international corporate development. We help our clients implement the best international practices and adapt quickly to a rapidly changing legal and fiscal environment. Our company provides a full range of accounting services, personnel administration and payroll, corporate secretarial services and other administrative services.

    In this area we provide the following services:

    • Management/administration, including the creation and liquidation of the company, opening and maintaining Bank accounts, paying bills, handling correspondence and other administrative duties
    • Domiciliary, including the provision of a legal address, temporary or permanent offices for rent or providing furnished office space, provision of other support services
    • Accounting services, including accounting and reporting, preparing consolidated accounts for group and financial statements in accordance with IFRS, US GAAP or other domestic accounting standards, and support for mandatory audit
    • Services of a corporate Secretary, including company formation and compliance, corporate Secretary services in support of the Board of Directors, management of the trusts/funds
    • Service tax compliance, including registration and payment of tax on income of legal persons and VAT
    • Payroll services and personnel administration, including assistance in recruitment

    Our employees have extensive experience and expert knowledge to resolve complex issues, mitigate risks and optimize the management of special corporate structures in various jurisdictions. As a recognized world expert in compliance enforcement, we will help Your company to apply international best practices in their work.

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