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    Complex Support in Bankruptcy Proceedings

    Control and legal support at all stages of bankruptcy proceedings

    Within this area of law, FINCOM group team applies unique solutions aimed at protecting the rights and interests of our clients, which enables us to achieve maximum satisfaction of creditors’ claims under the bankruptcy proceedings as well as the most efficient finalization of insolvency proceedings for a debtor.

    FINCOM group lawyers are experienced in managing the most challenging projects and can offer success strategies to our clients. We have vast experience in successful bankruptcy cases for both individual businesses and groups of companies. Our company works with the best distressed assets market players (estimators, self-regulatory organizations of insolvency practitioners, auction organizers) with impeccable reputation.

    Our services in support in bankruptcy proceedings:

    • representation of interests of bankruptcy creditors, current creditors, secured creditors, representatives of the Assemblies and Committees of creditors, insolvency practitioners, shareholders and debtors;

    • participation in bankruptcy procedures at any stage either on the creditor’s side or on the debtor’s side;

    • proof of creditor’s claims to the maximum extent, challenging creditor’s claims;

    • drafting and filing the bankruptcy petitions, statements on interim measures of protection and application of the simplified procedure;

    • bankruptcy of debtors under special rules (for non-profit organizations, credit institutions, real estate developers, strategic enterprises, and private individuals);

    • participation in Assemblies and Committees of creditors, arranging the meetings, compulsion to conduct a meeting;

    • tracing the debtor’s property and reclaiming it from unlawful possession by the third parties;

    • ensuring transparency and control over insolvency practitioners’ performance, challenging actions or inaction of insolvency practitioners, challenging the amount of remuneration and fees for contractors, compulsion of insolvency practitioners to challenge the property withdrawal transactions, recovery of damages from insolvency practitioners;

    • prosecution or protection of the debtor’s controlling persons and beneficiaries, imposing responsibility for debtors’ obligations and losses on them;

    • challenging or protecting the debtors’ assets transactions;

    • support for transactions involving the purchase of assets in bankruptcy or agreements with companies showing signs of insolvency, carrying out rehabilitation procedures for debtor companies.

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