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    Opening a company in Kyrgyzstan

    Opening a company in Kyrgyzstan

    Why Kyrgyzstan?

    Recently the economy of Kyrgyzstan has been actively developing thanks to the constant support of business from the government. This is manifested through low tax rates, attracting foreign investors, minimizing formalities and bureaucracy both in the process of starting a business and running it. In addition, the Kyrgyz Republic is a member of the WTO and the Eurasian Customs Union. Therefore, opening a company in Kyrgyzstan at the moment is an inexpensive and practical option for doing business and interacting with other countries.

    • Russians can enter Kyrgyzstan without visas and foreign passports
    • There is no language barrier
    • Russian is the official language here
    • Simplified business registration procedure
    • The ability to open an account in any currency
    • Taxes are low compared to other CIS countries
    • Fast—growing economy and large market – more than 6.7 million people
    • A friendly country for Russia

    Low tax rates

    The income tax rate is 10%, VAT is 12%

    Avoidance of double taxation

    Kyrgyzstan has more than 25 signed agreements on avoidance of double taxation, including with Russia

    Company registration in the Hi-Tech Park

    Membership in HTP exempts IT companies from some taxes and gives relief on insurance premiums

    Loyalty of state authorities

    Direct communication with authorized representatives

    Why us? (Why we are different?)

    • We know the peculiarities of the foreign market
    • A representative of the company works on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, who promptly receives all correspondence on the spot and interacts with local services
    • We are experts in the field of personal taxes for foreign citizens
    • We provide a wide range of services in matters of legal and accounting support of business
    • All communications take place in a “one-stop shop” type, you do not need to look for a responsible person
    • We are a versatile team of specialists with more than 15 years of experience

    Accounting services

    • Bookkeeping
    • Calculation of taxes and other mandatory payments
    • Tax reporting Development of a financial model
    • Opening a corporate account

    Legal services

    • Selection of the business form
    • Registration of companies (legal entities or individuals)
    • Providing a legal address
    • Drafting of standard contracts Registration of a residence permit, work permits

    Administrative services

    • Search for premises for office, warehouse, production
    • Office space rental
    • Representative services

    International delivery

    • Customs clearance
    • Transport service of foreign economic activity
    • International transportation (road, sea, air)

    Price list


    Accounting support
    Expert advice
    Company registration
    Representative services
    Legal address
    Opening a corporate account
    Opening a corporate account
    Registration of a residence permit


    from $150 per month
    100 $ per hour
    from 800 $
    from $200 per month
    1000 $ per year
    300 $
    800 $
    from 3500 $


    monthly service
    single service
    up to 10 business days
    monthly service
    monthly service
    2 days
    up to 15 business days
    from 1 month

    Additional conditions

    Personal presence is required
    Remote opening


    Can I open a company remotely in Kyrgyzstan?
    Yes, it is possible. Personal presence of founders at company registration is not necessary. The registration procedure will be fully carried out by our specialists on the basis of power of attorney.
    What taxes do businesses pay in Kyrgyzstan?
    The main taxes for entrepreneurs are profit tax (10%), VAT (12%), sales tax (from 1% to 5% depending on the type of activity).
    How long does it take to open an account?
    Term of account opening with personal presence in Kyrgyzstan is 2 days after documents are submitted to the bank. Term of remote account opening for individuals - 15 days.


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