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    Selection of the institute of public support

    We will select and ensure the receipt of a set of state support measures for the development of your business

    Business practically does not use state support measures and does not know much about them: entrepreneurs are disturbed by bureaucracy and high risks. Meanwhile, in the Russian Federation there are more than 600 small business support programs — at the federal level, regional and local. However, finding information on how to get support and how to use it is very difficult. Fincom specialists have extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge in this area, so we can offer our customers the best solutions in choosing measures of state support for the business.

    Fincom analyzes and selects federal and regional government support measures and programs of government development institutions that are applicable and most effective for the customer’s project. Service is provided in order to:

    – Optimize the cost of the project, taking into account possible measures of state support
    – Obtain possible administrative preferences affecting the timing and effectiveness of the project

    Partnership with Fincom will allow you to get:

    – Tax relief in the regions of Russia under the regional laws on investment support
    – Subsidies under state and regional industry support programs
    – Support for the company in obtaining resident status of special economic zone, industrial park or territory of advanced development
    – Support for the company when entering into contracts with the use of the mechanism of public-private partnership
    – Government loan guarantees
    – Concessional targeted loans from federal and regional development institutions
    – Support for the company in obtaining other state support measures — entering the industry import lists, getting the status of strategic enterprises or companies that have a significant impact on the industry of Russia.

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