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    Corporate and management reporting

    Collection and structuring of internal information about the company

    Management accounting is an accounting that is maintained within the company. It is governed by orders of company executives and covers the developments that may affect the financial and economic activities of the company. Management accounting data is a trade secret of the enterprise that is not reported to the law enforcement officials.

    FINCOM group experts have developed their own methods for organizing management accounting for various types of organizations. Our company offers management accounting services, including the development and amendment of the existing strategy, if it does not meet the requirements of the client.
    As part of a set of measures for optimizing management accounting, we recommend our clients to conduct an audit of it, as well as an audit of the financial and economic activities of the company. Our experts will analyze the current state of affairs in the context of the methodology’s compliance with modern standards, the correct reflection of financial and business operations and the formation of the financial reporting. Based on the results of the analysis, we will offer the best options for management accounting and help to organize it in the shortest period possible.

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